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At Star Cartridge, we buy the empty cartridges of theprinter. Yes, you heard that right! If you bring us your empty ink or toner cartridges, we’ll give you cash for it.

Selling the empty cartridges doesn’t only mean that you are earning some cash,but it also means that you are helping to keep the environment clean. Proper recycling of printer cartridge is essential as many harmful products are still there on land.

Doing the proper recycling means that the useful part of the discarded object might get reused in remanufacturing of the new product. It also means that if cannot be used again, it will get disposed in themore proper way.

Empty Cartridge Buyer
Why sell the empty cartridge to Star Cartridge?

We are not only passionate about the industry but also for the environment. India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world so why to make it dirty?

We also believe that every person should take the initiative to save this beautiful land for future generation so that they may take the experience.

Because of this, we want to contribute in a way that we know. We buy them so that we can use any cartridge or their parts in remanufacturing of the new one.

We are also partners with other companies both internationally as well as locally who are also involved in the manufacturing process. If the cartridge can’t be used again, it will get appropriately disposed,and one will never find it on land.

We make sure that recycle of the cartridge and disposal procedure are followedby the applicable regulations as well as legislation.

Please make sure that you only sell or give the used printer cartridges which are adequately trained and accredited to dispose of the cartridges safely. With Star Cartridge, you can feel safe to do this.

Our process of manufacturing is done in a way as to make sure that any harmful chemicals, ink, and toner which are released in the air also get captured before it may hurt the atmosphere.

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