HP Laser Cartridges

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Code Color P-Yield
Hp 92274a Black 3000
Hp 92275a Black Black 3500
Hp 92291a Black Black 10250
Hp 92295a Black Black 4000
Hp 92298a Black Black 6800
Hp92298x Black Black 8800
Hp 3900a Black Black 8100
Hp 3903a Black Black 4000
Hp 3906a Black Black 2500
Hp 3909a Black Black 15000
Hp 3909x Black Black 17100
Hp 4092a Black Black 2500
Hp 4096a Black Black 5000
Hp 4127x Black Black 10000
Hp 4129x Black Black 10000
Hp 4149a Black Black 17000
Hp 4150a Cyan Cyan 8500
Hp 4151a Magenta Magenta 8500
Hp 4152a Yellow Yellow 8500
Hp C4182x Black 20000
Hp C4191a Black Black 9000
Hp C4192a Cyab Cyan 6000
Hp C4193a Magenta Magenta 6000
Hp C4194a Yellow Yellow 6000
Hp C7115a Black Black 2000
Hp C8061a Black Black 3500
Hp C8061x Black Black 10000
Hp C8543x Black Black NA
Hp C9700a Black Black 5000
Hp C9701a Cyan Cyan 4000
Hp C9702a Yellow Yellow 4000
Hp C9703a Magenta Magenta 4000
Hp C9704a Drum Black Drum 20000
Hp C9730a Black Black 13000
Hp C9731a Cyan Cyan 12000
Hp C9732a Yellow Yellow 12000
Hp C9733a Magenta Magenta 12000
Canon Ep-87k/301k/Hp Q3960a/C9700a Black 5000
Canon Ep-87k/301k/Hp Q3961a/C9701a Cyan 4000
Canon Ep-87k/301k/Hp Q3962a/C9702a Yellow 4000
Canon Ep-87k/301k/Hp Q3963a/C9703a Magenta 4000
Hp Cb400a Black Black 7500
Hp Cb401a Cyan Cyan 7500
Hp Cb402a Yellow Yellow 7500
Hp Cb403a Magenta Magenta 7500
Hp Cb435a Black Black 1500
Hp Cb436a Black Black 2000
Hp Cb 540/1/2/3 Rainbow Pack Rainbow Pack NA
Hp Cc364a Black Black 10000
Hp Cc364x Black Black 24000
Hp Cc530a Black Black 3500
Hp Cc531a Cyan Cyan 2800
Hp Cc532a Yellow Magenta 2800
Hp Cc533a Magenta Yellow 2800
Hp Ce505a Black Black 2300
Hp Ce505x Black Black 6500
Ep-85c/Hp C9721a Cyan 8000
Ep-85k/Hp C9720a Black 9000
Ep-85m/Hp C9723a Magenta 8000
Ep-85y/Hp C9722a Yellow 8000
Hp Color Laserjet 5500/5550 Series Rainbow Pack Rainbow Pack NA
Hp Color Laserjet 1500 Series Rainbow Pack Rainbow Pack NA
Hp Color Laserjet 2500 Series Rainbow Pack Rainbow Pack NA
Hp Color Laserjet 3000 Rainbow Pack Rainbow Pack NA
Hp Color Laserjet 3500 Series Rainbow Pack Rainbow Pack NA
Hp Color Laserjet 3600 Series Rainbow Pack Rainbow Pack NA
Hp Color Laserjet 4600 Series Rainbow Pack Rainbow Pack NA
Hp Color Laserjet 4700 Rainbow Pack Rainbow Pack NA
Hp Color Laserjet 4730 Rainbow Pack Rainbow Pack NA
Hp Color Laserjet Cp4005/N/Dn Rainbow Pack Rainbow Pack NA
Hp Laserjet Cp2025 Rainbow Pack Rainbow Pack NA
Hp Q1338a Black Black 16000
Hp Q1339a Black Black 18000
Hp Q2610a Black Black 6000
Hp Q2612a Black Black 2000
Hp Q2613a Black Black 2500
Hp Q2613x Black Black 4000
Hp Q2624a Black Black 2500
Hp Q2670a Black Black 6000
Hp Q2671a Cyan Cyan 4000
Hp Q2672a Yellow Yellow 4000
Hp Q2673a Magenta Magenta 4000
Hp Q2681a Cyan Cyan 6000
Hp Q2682a Yellow Yellow 6000
Hp Q2683a Magenta Magenta 6000
Hp Q3964a Drum Drum 20000
Hp Q5942x Black Black 20000
Hp Q5945a Black Black 18000
Hp Q5949a Black Black 2500
Hp Q5949x Black Black 6000
Hp Q5950a Black Black 11000
Hp Q5951a Cyan Cyan 10000
Hp Q5952a Yellow Yellow 10000
Hp Q5953a Magenta Magenta 10000
Hp Q6000a Black Black 2500
Hp Q6001a Cyan Cyan 2000
Hp Q6002a Yellow Yellow 2000
Hp Q6003a Magenta Magenta 2000
Hp Q6460a Black Black 12000
Hp Q6461a Cyan Cyan 12000
Hp Q6462a Yellow Yellow 12000
Hp Q6463a Magenta Magenta 12000
Hp Q6470a Black Black 6000
Hp Q6471a Cyan Cyan 4000
Hp Q6472a Yellow Yellow 4000
Hp Q6473a Magenta Magenta 4000
Hp Q6511a Black Black 6000
Hp Q6511x Black Black 12000
Hp Q7551a Black Black 6500
Hp Q7551x Black Black 13000
Hp Q7553a Black Black 3000
Hp Q7553x Black Black 7000
Hp Q7560a Black Black 6500
Hp Q7561a Cyan Cyan 3500
Hp Q7562a Yellow Yellow 3500
Hp Q7563a Magenta Magenta 3500
Hp Q7581a Cyan Cyan 6000
Hp Q7581a Yellow Yellow 6000
Hp Q7581a Magenta Magenta 6000
Hp Ce262a Yellow Yellow 1100
Hp Ce380a Black Black 16500
Hp Ce260a Black Black 5000
Hp Ce261a Cyan Cyan 1100
Hp Ce263a Magenta Magenta 1100
Hp Ce381a Cyan Cyan 21000
Hp Ce382a Yellow Yellow 21000
Hp Ce383a Magenta Magenta 21000
Hp Ce251a Cyan Cyan 7000
Hp Ce252a Yellow Yellow 7000
Hp Ce253a Magenta Magenta 7000
Hp Ce250x Black Black 10500
Hp Ce255a Black Black 6500
Hp Ce255x Black Black 12500
Hp Ce278a Black Black 0
Hp Ce285a Black Black 1600
Hp Cb384a Black Drum Black 35000
Hp Cb385a Cyan Drum Cyan 35000
Hp Cb386a Yellow Drum Yellow 35000
Hp Cb387a Magenta Drum Magenta 35000
Hp Q3964a Universal Drum Black 20000
Hp C7115x Black Black 3500
Hp Ce310a Black Black 1200
Hp Ce311a Cyan Cyan 1000
Hp Ce312a Yellow Yellow 1000
Hp Ce313a Magenta Magenta 1000
Hp Ce320a Black Black 2000
Hp Ce321a Cyan Cyan 1300
Hp Ce322a Yellow Yellow 1300
Hp Ce323a Magenta Magenta 1300
Hp Ce260a Black Black 8500
Hp Ce260x Black High Yield Black 17000
Hp Ce261a Cyan Cyan 11000
Hp Ce262a Yellow Yellow 11000
Hp Ce263a Magenta Magenta 11000
Hp Ce740a Black Black 7000
Hp Ce741a Cyan Cyan 7300
Hp Ce742a Yellow Yellow 7300
Hp Ce743a Magenta Magenta 7300
Hp Ce314 Drum Black Drum 14000
Hp C9720a Black Black 9000
Hp C9721a Cyan Cyan 8000
Hp C9722a Yellow 8000
Hp C9723a Magenta Magenta 8000
Hp Cb380a Black Black 16500
Hp Cb381a Cyan Cyan 21000
Hp Cb382a Yellow Yellow 21000
Hp Cb383a Magenta Magenta 21000
Hp C8543x Black Black 30000